We strongly recommend all participants be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but it is not required by Living Water unless required by the country you are traveling to or countries in transit. We encourage all participants, regardless of vaccination status, to take a PCR or rapid test 24-48 hours prior to departure. If you are traveling without a vaccine card, you may need to present timely results upon arrival in country. Please see our COVID-19 policy for more details.

The minimum age requirement is 14 by the date the trip leaves. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with the exception of youth group trips, which must have at least 2-3 chaperones). There is no maximum age limit.

Yes, Living Water purchases a Trip Armor insurance and emergency services plan for all trip participants. This policy does not provide pre-trip cancellation coverage, however. You can ask your trip coordinator for more detailed information about the policy. Your coordinator will also enroll you in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Read more about our travel insurance policy & services.

While drilling remains a large portion of our work, our country teams do so much more than drill and install handpumps! Because they do not drill every single week, not every trip will include drilling. You can expect to participate in a variety of programmatic activities that involve WASH (water access, sanitation, and hygiene) interventions, which are all equally important in our overall approach to holistic development.

When you sign up for a Living Water Trip, you’ll get to participate in the full scope of work that our field teams do week in and week out. Sometimes this includes drilling, but each week depends on the needs of the specific community. We can provide a list of possible activities your team might participate in ahead of time and our staff will provide a specific itinerary when you arrive in-country.  

Yes! Our staff will provide all necessary training for using the equipment, teaching hygiene lessons, etc. and will assist you throughout the trip. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

Background checks are only valid for 12 months from the date of the background check (not the date of your trip). If it has been longer than 12 months, you will need to redo the background check before registering for your trip.

Yes… Your total trip cost will be $1,850 for Central America or $2,500 for Africa trips. We do ask that you book the same flight as the rest of your team so that you can land at the same time in country.

You may extend your trip, but all lodging, transportation, food, etc. will be your responsibility to cover. We prefer that you extend at the end of the trip rather than before the trip. Contact your trip coordinator with your specific request.

Baggage fees and weight limitations vary by airline, so be sure to check your airline’s website before the trip. Living Water will not pay baggage fees unless we ask you to carry a footlocker of supplies to the field staff.

While it feels instinctive to want to give material things to those with such great need, it can be very damaging if handled incorrectly. Living Water works in hundreds of communities, and we want to be consistent with the gifts and donations we distribute to them. Our community programs have a strong relational focus, so we do have a list of recommended items if you choose to bring donations. Please refer to your Living Water Trips book for an appropriate list of items you can bring.

We are unable to estimate how many women or children will be in the community. Bring as much as you can and be sure to give it to the staff at the beginning of the week so they can plan and distribute accordingly.

You and your doctor will need to decide if taking preventative malaria medication is appropriate. You can check www.cdc.gov to see at-risk areas in each country

Please let your trip coordinator know if you have specific dietary needs. It’s always a good idea to pack some snacks in case you are unable to eat the meals provided.
  • Online: Use your personal trip fundraising or payment page that is automatically created when you register.
  • Check: Be sure to include your unique code in the memo line (found on your fundraising/payment page).
  • Fundraise: Send your link to family and friends to donate to your trip
  • PLEASE NOTE: Please do not send in any payment for your trip until AFTER you’ve completed the registration process.

Your unique code can be found on your fundraising/payment page by clicking the “pay by check” option.

The total trip cost is $1,850 plus airfare for Central America and $2,500 plus airfare for Africa.

  • $1,200 is due 90 days before the trip
  • $650 plus airfare (TBD once flights are booked) due 30 days before trip
  • We will let you know the total cost of your trip once airfare has been booked.
If you pay on your fundraising page, you will get a donation receipt emailed to you immediately after submitting the payment.

The link to your fundraising page will be emailed to you. If you cannot find it, please reach out to your trip coordinator.

You do not need to use your fundraising page. You can opt to create a payment page instead during the registration process or send in a check with your unique code.

We cannot give refunds if you over-fundraise or cancel the trip. We can apply these funds to a future trip (within a year) or to another person going on a trip, but we cannot refund the money.
While lodging varies for each country, you can expect to share an air-conditioned room with 1-2 other people in either a hotel or a team house. Towels are provided at some locations but not others, so be sure to check the Living Water Trips book or ask your trip coordinator about the lodging.

You can expect a variety of meals typically including rice, beans, plantains, chicken, eggs, and veggies. Sometimes, the community members will prepare food for your team. Living Water provides clean water for them to use while cooking so that it is safe to eat. If you have dietary concerns, please let you trip coordinator know.

We do not know ahead of time the exact community you will be working in. Our field staff will brief you when you land in-country. Please be flexible as some communities may be over an hour from where you are staying.

Trips last six to seven days starting on Saturday or Sunday. You’ll spend Monday-Thursday participating in a variety of WASH (water access, sanitation and hygiene) activities as well as church and community mobilization. Because the nature of our work is unique and meets the specific needs of each community, we cannot provide a detailed daily itinerary until closer to your trip date. Friday is typically used as a day to rest and relax with tourism opportunities like shopping in an artisan market, a volcano tour, or dinner at the beach. 

Yes! At the beginning of the week, our staff will go over the plan for the week and what activities are scheduled. They may ask your team to divide up (i.e. water access team and hygiene team) or the team may stay together for certain activities. Please be flexible and willing to serve in any capacity during the week!  

You will be the lead teachers for the hygiene lessons, and our in-country staff will translate for you. It’s a good idea to read over the lessons ahead of time so that you are familiar with them. The kids love it when you are animated and engaged with the teaching material. Even though they can’t understand what you’re saying, they can read your expressions and body language, so don’t be afraid to play it up!

Download The Living Well Club, Living Water’s guide for hygiene and sanitation lessons. 


Join an online experience that links you directly to the global water crisis and Living Water’s work around the world. Each month you can listen, read, watch, discuss, and be inspired by those who have stories to share about safe water, the global church, and the impact that can be made when people both near and far truly connect.

Learn more about Connection.

For just a few dollars every month, you can continue to impact families everywhere we work by helping to provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and the gospel to those in need. These dollars are distributed to projects across the globe where the work is the most critical.

Learn more about Every Drop.

Our staff are experts in creative solutions for churches who want to get more involved in this type of outreach but don’t know where to start. When churches rally around solving the water crisis together, it becomes a powerful witness to the unity of the body of Christ and what we can do for the kingdom together.

Visit for more information and to have a team member follow up with you.

Your community has the power to transform lives! And there are lots of ways to do that—running, biking, birthday celebrations, etc.— so take a look at the some of the fundraising ideas on this page to get started.


If you have a trip coordinator, please feel free to contact them directly.