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Prepare for your Living Water Trip with an open mind, eager to learn from each experience. Christians worldwide are making an incredible difference through safe water and the living water of Christ, and by embracing these ideas, you’ll make an even more meaningful impact – for you and your global neighbors! Trust in these concepts and get ready for an adventure that will profoundly shape your journey. Explore our helpful resources to prepare your heart and mind for this transformative experience!

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Prepare your heart and mind for a Living Water Trip

At Living Water, we achieve holistic transformation by addressing both the physical and spiritual needs of our global neighbors and trips offer an opportunity for you to step into this life-transforming work. We encourage you to read through and reflect on these 5 statements to posture your heart and mind toward healthy development principles for a Living Water Trip.
Poverty is a Shared Experience
Acknowledge that poverty is not just about material lack, but also about broken relationships with God, self, each other, and creation. Recognize that we all experience poverty in some way, and approach the community with humility, empathy, and a willingness to learn.
Dignity for All
Treat every person you encounter with dignity, value, and respect, recognizing that they are all children of God. Avoid perpetuating stereotypes, pity, or a savior mentality, and instead seek to empower and uplift the community by affirming their strengths and capabilities.
Partnership over Projects
Remember that your trip is not about completing a project or achieving short-term goals, but about co-laboring with a community in the long-term strategy of Living Water International and God’s story. Focus on building relationships, empowering local leadership, and strengthening community resilience for years to come.
Attitude is Everything
Your positive attitude, open hands, and collaborative heart are your greatest contributions on this trip. Embrace flexibility, adaptability, and a willingness to learn from and serve alongside the community, even as challenges arise.
The Trip is Just
the Beginning
The goal of your trip is to learn about the water crisis and understanding your role in ending it. To be a good steward of the trip experience, we encourage you to continue the journey with Living Water when you return home, sharing your story with others and becoming a life-long champion for safe water.
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