Living water international’s 2040 vision and global strategic plan for 2017-2021

During 2014, Living Water International organized a global process of discerning a 25-year vision and five-year strategic plan.

Watershed 2040

The process, called “Watershed 2040,” brought together 350+ people from across the globe—staff, partners, donors, community leaders and pastors—through individual interviews and a series of “Appreciative Inquiry” summits in Houston, Guatemala, and South Africa. During 2015, each team within the organization, including the regional and country offices, have thought through the implications of this plan and set their own objectives and targets that will move the whole organization in the same direction.

This document is Living Water’s vision for 2040, and strategic plan for 2017-2021 (originally conceived for 2016-2020, but shifted by six months due to a change in the organization’s fiscal year). We are thrilled to give you a glimpse into the future to which we believe God has called us.

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Living Water currently works along the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Team members will use an LS300 or a LS400 drill rig with our in-country drillers and help our hygiene team share proper sanitation techniques and Bible stories. You’ll get to experience the rich Guatemalan culture in Antigua, including a coffee plantation tour and Cerro de la Cruz—a beautiful cross set on a hill.