How $0.65 is an Investment in SustainabilityLiberia Sustainability Pump Repair Fund

How $0.65 is an Investment in Sustainability

Maybe $0.65 doesn't sound like much, but in Wohrn Town, Liberia, it's a big investment with an even greater return. Thirty-eight families contribute $0.65 a month to manage their own pump repair fund. If the pump breaks down, they'll have the means and training to implement their own solution.

READ MORE published: October 07, 2013

John Odongo: Lead Driller, Pastor, AmbassadorLiberia Christian Witness CLTS Community-Led Total Sanitation Africa

John Odongo: Lead Driller, Pastor, Ambassador

John Odongo not only leads Living Water Liberia's drill team—he leads people to Jesus! John helped drill Living Water's first ever successful well in Kenya, and now he ministers to Liberian communities, helping them experience water and the living water. His work brings to fruition everything our Community-Led Total Sanitation approach sets out to achieve.

READ MORE published: September 27, 2013

This Year's Gala Went "Deeper!"Gala Deeper Houston Paper for Water OVS Group

This year's gala, Deeper, broke records and celebrated our work as worship. Our field staff from Haiti, Liberia and Burkina Faso took the stage in Houston's biggest ballroom to demonstrate our deeper commitment to community transformation and God's love.

READ MORE published: September 26, 2013

How a Few Questions Can Save Lives in LiberiaLiberia CLTS sanitation hygiene Africa

How a Few Questions Can Save Lives in Liberia

Abigail Fahnbulleh, Living Water Liberia's hygiene promoter, starts saving lives just by asking questions. In Liberia, the Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach she's helping to pilot in five communities begins by helping villagers talk about an uncomfortable topic—the bathroom.

READ MORE published: September 12, 2013

CLTS: Paving the Way for Water in LiberiaLiberia CLTS hygiene sanitation Africa

CLTS: Paving the Way for Water in Liberia

In Liberia, we're seeing lives saved and entire communities transformed before we even drill a well! Find out how Community-Led Total Sanitation empowers community leaders for real transformation, paving the way for clean water.

READ MORE published: September 04, 2013


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