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Spiritual Songs in Burkina Faso

Rebecca is a living repertoire of Dagara Christian music. When our church-planting partners began ministering in Burkina Faso in 2002, there were no Christian songs in the Dagara language. The praise she now leads relates to Dagara life in a way no missionary could. Read her lyrics and hear them for yourself, recorded on-location!

READ MORE published: November 26, 2013

Inside Burkina Faso's Spirit Houseburkina faso Witchdoctor Tribal Healer Spirit House Fall Campaign

All the Dagara people we met agreed that witchdoctors had the power to heal, curse, or even kill. We’d seen the scars they left on children’s bellies they’d cut to treat stomach illness caused by water, and we went into Bapuloyaw's “spirit house” to learn more.

READ MORE published: November 26, 2013

Water and Church Planting in Burkina Fasoburkina faso Church Planting Well Rehabilitation Dagara Africa

Water and Church Planting in Burkina Faso

Here's how an unreached people group in Africa goes from 0 to 80 churches! Follow this timeline featuring the work of our ministry partners in Burkina Faso and see how clean water plays an integral role.

READ MORE published: November 07, 2013

Injury Inspires 12 Marathons in 12 MonthsTeam Living Water marathon Triathlon Basic Needs Americas

Injury Inspires 12 Marathons in 12 Months

One minute, Cory Scheer was pedaling through the last mile of the day's triathlon training. The next, he was being loaded into an ambulance with a concussion, hairline fractures to his spine and 300 stitches worth of lacerations. Here's how he turned his injury into a challenge to meet others' basic needs.

READ MORE published: November 04, 2013

Two Bikes and 4,000 Miles for the ThirstyTeam Living Water Bike America Americas Do Something

Two Bikes and 4,000 Miles for the Thirsty

This summer, newlyweds Jesse and Leigha Lambert traded four wheels for two. They sold their car and instead rode bikes to get around their New Jersey town. Those several months of cycling were all preparation for a 4,000-mile cross-country excursion to raise money for clean water. Now with a week and 200 miles behind them, they've already raised more than $800.

READ MORE published: October 07, 2013


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