How Safe Water Transforms Every Aspect of Life

It’s 11 a.m. on a Monday, and by my count, I’ve already needed to use water eight times today. Whether I was brushing my teeth, preparing breakfast, or drinking coffee, I used water.

With each of these mundane tasks that make up my morning routine, I never stopped to think, “Is this water safe to drink?” I didn’t question if there would be enough water from the faucet to fill my cup. I didn’t have to travel a long distance to retrieve my water, and I never had to wonder if my short walk to the sink would be dangerous. For 844 million people around the globe; however, these questions can mean the difference between life and death.

Everything begins with water. It’s the foundation for all levels of development in a person’s life. Access to safe drinking water affects our health, our sanitation and hygiene practices, our education, justice for women and children, and almost every other area of our lives.

Here are some of the lives that have been changed through the support of people like you:

Teresa | La Bolsona, El Salvador

Generations of Teresa’s family in El Salvador once suffered from diseases caused by dehydration. But now that her community has safe water, Teresa’s family has hope for a healthier future.

Jasmine | India

In India, dirty water from the local hand-dug source often made Jasmine’s two young children sick. Today, Jasmine has safe water to use for her daily chores and has been empowered to advocate for better sanitation and hygiene practices in her community.

Twiggy | Kafue District, Zambia

Twiggy—a student with physical and learning disabilities in Zambia—once struggled because her school lacked safe water. Everything changed when Living Water installed easily accessible tap stands. Twiggy and her fellow classmates can continue attending school.

Yamaru + Matika | Puerto Requena, Peru

In Peru, girls living in remote communities, like Yamaru and Matika, had to risk their lives daily to collect water from a dangerous river full of deadly parasites. Now that they have safe water nearby, they can focus on learning and enjoying their childhood.

The next time you wash your hands or fill up your water bottle, think about Teresa, Jasmine, Twiggy, Yamaru, and Matika. Think about the transformational affect safe water had on their lives.

And I challenge you to ask yourself this: what kind of difference can I make to help those who are thirsty? Learn more about how your generosity transforms lives here.

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