Crisis Alert:

Urgent Relief for Haiti

Haiti, a nation with resilient people, has endured decades of adversity–from political turmoil to extreme poverty and natural disasters. Yet, one persistent challenge remains: an urgent need for safe water. Now, Haiti faces one of its darkest times in recent history as the country grapples not only with the ongoing repercussions of past disasters but also with a surge of new violence and chaos.

This violence has torn through communities, leaving families displaced and vulnerable. The recent escalation of conflict has triggered a mass migration of Haitians towards relatively safer areas in the north. This situation is at a dangerous level, reaching potentially catastrophic proportions. This pressing influx has placed immense strain on existing infrastructure and resources, exacerbating the challenges faced by already suffering people.

Since 2004, Living Water International has stood beside the resilient people of Haiti, offering hope and healing to over 730,000 individuals. Through water and sanitation projects, education, and community mobilization, we’ve forged deep connections with local communities and churches, fostering sustainable development. Today, our mission takes on renewed urgency.

You can be a beacon of hope for Haiti during this critical time. Your support is urgently needed today!

In the northern regions we serve, the demand for safe water has reached critical levels. Previously completed water projects, such as boreholes meant to serve populations of 200-300, are now overwhelmed by the increased demand resulting from the mass migration from the south. The increased demand could erode the functionality of the existing wells, leaving many of our current church and community partners without safe water, while increasing the desperation of new arrivals. We are addressing this crisis by expanding existing projects through upgrades and strategic interventions to ensure that communities receive the support they need to thrive.

We know that you are someone who possesses both compassion and a generous heart to sustain this extraordinary effort to shift the course of this heartbreaking disaster in Haiti. Your support will empower Living Water’s in-country staff and local churches to serve their communities today and tomorrow.

How You Can Help:

  • Community Sponsorship: Each sponsorship is $45,000, helping to expand water projects to serve more people.

  • Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorships are available at $15,000, allowing you to contribute according to your means.

  • Collective Impact Fund: Donate any amount to our collective impact fund, supporting various projects across Haiti.

Thank you for joining us on this urgent journey of compassion and courage. Together, we can bring hope and healing to the resilient people of Haiti.

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