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How Water and the Gospel Transform Lives—Together

Welcome to Living Water International’s blog! Whether you’ve supported the thirsty for years or just heard about our ministry, we’re thrilled you’re here.

Each week, our staff will share content here that we hope informs and inspires you as we work together to provide water, for life, in Jesus’ name to thirsty people around the world.

A question we get asked frequently is why we focus on sharing both safe water and living water—the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since our founding in 1990, Living Water has demonstrated God’s love in a hurting world, and for us, that means responding to both the physical and spiritual needs of the communities we serve alongside.

To learn more about how water and the gospel message work together to create lasting, sustainable transformation, check out this new video—“Rooted As One.”

United in Christ, let’s address the world’s deepest thirsts—for safe drinking water and to know God’s love. Thank you for joining us!

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Living Water currently works along the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Team members will use an LS300 or a LS400 drill rig with our in-country drillers and help our hygiene team share proper sanitation techniques and Bible stories. You’ll get to experience the rich Guatemalan culture in Antigua, including a coffee plantation tour and Cerro de la Cruz—a beautiful cross set on a hill.