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In a world where the majority—over 70%—prefer oral methods of communication, Living Water International is at the forefront of a transformative movement, changing the way we share the gospel and impacting global discipleship work. This movement, rooted in simplicity and universal applicability, extends its influence to oral cultures across the globe in some of the most remote places such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It’s also gaining recognition in North America for its effectiveness in sharing faith and making disciples.

Understanding Oral Learners

Many people around the world, whether due to preference, limited access, or choice, engage with the gospel through methods like storytelling, drama, songs, and oral arts. At Living Water International, we recognize the importance of embracing strategies familiar to oral learners to effectively communicate the life-changing message of Christ.

The Power of Reproducible Methods

Our commitment to the Great Commission extends beyond water provision. Since 2009, Living Water International has been training thousands globally in orality methods and strategies. Many describe orality as a revolutionary and historic development in mission strategy, evidenced by its multiplying impact in regions where our training has taken place. The correlation between our mission and the impact of orality resonates deeply—water, for life, in Jesus’ name.

Our Mission Beyond Water

Providing “water for life” is more than a physical act. It’s about providing access to the true the living water that satisfies the deepest spiritual thirst. Our mission is woven into every drop of water we provide, ensuring not only physical well-being but also spiritual flourishing. Our approach incorporates oral methods and Contextual Bible Storying, recognizing the profound significance of intertwining the physical and spiritual aspects of flourishing.

Watch the video below and witness the profound impact of orality workshops and how it’s changing lives in places like Liberia.
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Untold Stories

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the untold stories of perseverance and faith.


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