Teenager Hula Hooped 24 Hours to Fundraise for the Thirsty

Last Giving Tuesday, 17-year-old Kylee Tenny hula hooped for 24 hours to raise over $4,000 for the thirsty!

Taking only a five-minute break every hour, Kylee danced, sang, played games, and performed hula hooping tricks to pass the time—all while livestreaming the event on YouTube.

Although she had hula hooped to fundraise for Living Water International four times before, this was the longest amount of time Kylee had ever attempted to hula hoop. The feat required her to eat and drink while hula hooping. She alternated using her waist, neck, and hands to try to mitigate the strain on her body.

Supported by her parents, her friends, and the viewers of her livestream, Kylee successfully completed the 24-hour challenge. During the livestream, Kylee reminded her viewers about the sufferings of those who live without safe drinking water and explained how she hoped to help Living Water end the global water crisis.

Kylee was inspired by her church, The Crossing in St. Louis, Missouri, as a way to participate in Advent Conspiracy. She knew that she did not have a lot of resources to pull from but prayed and asked God to show her how to help. She felt encouraged to use what she did have—her time and her talent for hula hooping.

Kylee hopes that her fundraising efforts will inspire other teenagers to use their gifts to make a difference in the world.

Want to join the movement this Giving Tuesday by giving change? Learn more here!

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