Experiencing The First Living Water Trip To Zambia

Living Water International has been sending teams to learn about and engage in our work in Central America since 2001. In 2014, we prayerfully decided to begin expanding the Living Water Trips program to Africa. Since then, we have launched programs in Rwanda, Kenya, and, as of April 2019, Zambia!

When opening up Living Water Trips to any country, there is a lot to consider and plan. Safety, security, accessibility, meals, lodging, transportation, and trip itineraries are just a few examples. Thankfully, Living Water’s Zambia staff are no strangers to hosting Americans and have facilitated many wonderful visits from donors and staff over the years.

However, hosting a Living Water Trip group—a team of volunteers prepared to get dirty, sweaty, and physically exhausted for a good cause—is different. Our first team was made up of longtime Living Water supporters from a company called Municipal Operations and Consulting, Inc. They have sent more than 30 teams of employees on volunteer trips and love to experience as much of Living Water’s work as they can!

Living Water Trips volunteers and a group of Zambian children play outside—jumping rope and running around.

There’s no way to describe this first Living Water Trip to Zambia other than as a huge blessing. The Zambia staff did an incredible job of including the team in the wide range of activities they were busy with that week. Our team not only helped drill a well and teach sanitation and hygiene lessons, but we also participated in community meetings, witnessed a latrine dedication ceremony, and experienced water quality testing.

The cherry on top was meeting the kids of the Twatasha Community School—featured in our video, “Able To Shine.” This school is an inclusive learning environment where students with physical and learning disabilities are welcomed. The team got to spend precious time with the students and teachers, see the school’s new water sources, and even hear some of the children recite Bible stories. The team was blown away by how powerfully evident the deep and genuine bonds are between the Living Water staff and the students there.

Each country Living Water works in has a unique and amazing story to tell. I love playing a small part in helping the Living Water family in North America connect with the families we serve alongside all around the world. I am thrilled to say that the Zambia Living Water Trips program is off to an incredible start, and Uganda is up next!

A group of Living Water Zambia staff members, Living Water Trips volunteers, and community members gather around a completed safe water well in Zambia.

Will you join us on a trip to Zambia or Uganda in 2020? You can fill out a trip request here.

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