Transform the Stories of the Water Crisis

In the face of a staggering water crisis that affects 703 million people every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Globally, children are deprived of education, women lose precious time, families suffer from illness, and entire communities fail to reach their full potential—all due to a lack of safe water.

But this isn’t how we want the story to end. So, let’s flip the script.

Instead of saying, “the water crisis is too big,” we believe that the water crisis doesn’t stand a chance against our global Christian community, united under our shared purpose, and collective action! Your role in this story is crucial. Your support will help rewrite the narrative of the water crisis. Together, we can transform stories of struggle and despair into tales of hope, health, and opportunity.

Your gift will:
  • Provide Safe Water: Supply safe water, improved sanitation facilities, and hygiene education to women, men, and children in the 17 countries we serve.
  • Support Sustainable Solutions: Ensure the longevity of water systems and promote healthier lives for generations to come through long-term, sustainable solutions.
  • Transform Lives Spiritually: Facilitate gospel proclamation and church mobilization efforts within each community we partner with, transforming lives for eternity.


Every dollar you give brings us one step closer to a world where every person has access to safe, clean water and the message of the gospel. Your support can transform lives and communities, providing not just water, but health, education, opportunity, and spiritual transformation.

Together, let's write a future where every community has access to safe water. Rewrite the narrative of the water crisis one person, one story, one drop at a time!