Development Steps

Without clean water, it’s impossible for other development to take place: economic, educational, you name it. Here’s a one-page handout. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).

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Functionality Study

Living Water is committed to making sure each water system we install continues operating many years into the future, so we conducted a major research

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Health & Hygiene

Clean water always makes people healthier, but health skyrockets and disease rates plummet when people understand basic hygiene practices. (you’ll need Adobe Reader).Find Lessons Here 

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How Wells Work

You’ve seen photos of wells in villages, and at schools and clinics, but how do they work? Are wells always the best solution? How does

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Download high-res photos from our Flickr photostream. To download photos: 1) click a photo in the photostream to view it larger 2) Right click the

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Water & Education

It’s not that water is more important than education—it’s foundational. Try to convince teachers in the developing world otherwise. Educational opportunities linked to water have

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Water & Poverty

The poorest people in the world actually pay some of the world’s highest prices for drinking water, and the water they get is less clean

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