Let's. Go. Deeper.

Invest in the future of our global teams to drill deeper, bigger, and more complex water systems than ever before!

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To change the lives of over 6.4 million people through safe water and the gospel, our global team relies on a fleet of over 250 pieces of equipment across 18 countries. From drill rigs and transportation vehicles, to maintenance and training for in-country staff, each of these plays a critical role in transforming communities around the world.

Because of the millions of people who still desperately need safe water and the message of God’s love, we’re going deeper! Through your gift, you’ll equip our global team with the right tools to drill deeper, install more complex systems, and reach more vulnerable communities than ever before!


At Living Water, we believe in the value of continually developing our global team so they remain experts in their field. All drillers, assistant drillers, helpers, drivers, and mechanics attend an annual refresher training that includes both classroom sessions and hands-on application.


Like any piece of equipment, our global fleet requires care and maintenance to not only ensure they properly operate, but to keep them running longer so that our funding can be focused on drilling and engaging in community development rather than making costly purchases for new equipment.


The transformational work being done across the globe through safe water and the gospel would not be possible without our fleet of 250 drilling rigs, support trucks, and transportation vehicles. Having reliable equipment is crucial to not only staff safety, but to also carry out Living Water’s mission in 18 countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and India.

See how your impact can be made through essential equipment needs in the field

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With your gift, invest in the future of Living Water’s global teams by providing new equipment, continued maintenance, and proper staff training to reach even more people with safe water and God’s love!

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