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Everything starts with water. Yet 844 million people lack access to basic drinking water service. Through your gift of safe water, community members will be able to increase their financial stability, attend school, grow crops, care for their livestock, and improve their health.

For Life

Water Quality Test Kit

Help our staff test each water project to ensure that it meets our standards for safe drinking water.

For Life

Access to Safe Water

Change a life by bringing sustainable safe water access to one person.

For Life

Access to Safe Water for a Family

Give the gift of sustainable safe water access to an entire family.

For Life

Rehabilitate a Water Project

Share the cost to rehabilitate pre-existing water sources in communities around the world. To sponsor a full rehabilitation project of $3,500, please contact us.

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For Life

New Water Project in Asia

Share the cost to complete a new water project for a community in Asia. To sponsor a full new water project of $6,500, please contact us.

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For Life

New Water Project in Latin America or the Caribbean

Share the cost to complete a new water project for a community in Latin America or the Caribbean. To sponsor a full new water project of $10,000, please contact us.

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For Life

New Water Project in Africa

Share the cost to complete a new water project for a community in Africa. To sponsor a full new water project of $20,000, please contact us.

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for life

Safe sanitation and hygiene methods are vital for empowering communities to create change within their regions. Every day, Living Water works with communities around the world to promote safer sanitation and hygiene practices and equip people to rise to their full potential.

For Life

Hygiene Promoter Kit

Includes a t-shirt, lessons, and necessary supplies for a community member to be a hygiene promoter for their neighbors.

For Life

Access to a School Latrine

Provide access to a school latrine for one student—keeping them in school and preventing diseases.

For Life

Safe Water Plus Sanitation and Hygiene

Provide an individual access to safe water and the life-saving gift of sanitation and hygiene training!

For Life

Community Hygiene Promotion Activity

Promote healthy hygiene behaviors such as proper handwashing, how to prevent diarrhea, and how to construct household latrines through fun, participatory activities to an entire community.

in Jesus' name

People everywhere long for the living water of Christ—the only thing that can quench their deepest thirst. Living Water International works around the world through the local church, equipping pastors and church leaders to be more effective at sharing the gospel and training them to be trailblazers for improved health and living conditions in their communities.

For Life

Flourish Toolkit

Help the global Church thrive by supplying easy-to-read, translated booklets that equip local churches to make a collective impact through proclaiming the gospel, making disciples, and improving their communities wellbeing.

For Life

10 Bibles

Enable residents to better understand and access the word of God by providing Bibles translated into their own language.

For Life

Access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and the Gospel

Make a holistic impact by giving safe water, sanitation and hygiene lessons, and the opportunity for someone to directly hear the gospel.

For Life

JESUS Film Kit

Provide a generator, gasoline, and travel expenses for our staff to share the JESUS film in remote communities.


In order to keep Living Water International’s ministry running safely and effectively, it is crucial that we invest in the replacement of aging equipment and regular maintenance of all our motorized assets.

For Life

Drilling Support Truck

Used to haul drilling equipment such as rods, casings, tools, supplies, and other materials vital to our drilling operations to bring safe water to communities. To sponsor a full support truck of $50,000, please contact us.

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For Life

Truck and Compressor

This powerful machine and supporting truck will work alongside our drilling rigs and help us better access deep water sources when air drilling is required. To sponsor a full compressor and truck of $90,000, please contact us.

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For Life

Staff Transportation Vehicle

A truck capable of driving on off-road conditions will allow our team members to access communities more easily. To sponsor a full staff transportation vehicle of $50,000, please contact us.

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For Life

Drill Bit

Drilling for water is not possible without sharp, durable bits. Button drill bits have tungsten carbon inserts (buttons) that chip and break up hard rock, making it possible to drill water wells in areas not possible with mud-rotary drilling.

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At Living Water International stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Living Water International has complete control over the use of all donated funds. In rare cases, when we receive more contributions for a given program than can be wisely applied to that program, we apply those funds to meet a similar pressing need. Living Water International is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. No goods or services were provided by our organization, in whole or in part, for the above donations. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Living Water International is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

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