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About Zambia

Welcome to Zambia, located in Southern Africa! Zambia’s government is unwaveringly dedicated to achieving Vision 2030, in perfect harmony with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6. This forward-looking initiative aims to ensure that every person has access to clean and stable water supply, coupled with effective water sanitation by the year 2030. The importance of this vision cannot be understated, as nearly 40 percent of the global population grapples with water-related challenges. In response, Zambia is committed to achieving universal coverage of water and sanitation services. Through the strategic implementation of the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (NRWSSP) 2016-2030 and the Water Resources Management (WARMA) Act No. 21 of 2011, Zambia’s government provides the framework to coordinate water supply and sanitation strategies while regulating groundwater. Living Water International in Zambia partners with the government, local communities, and churches to provide clean and safe drinking water, promote sanitation and hygiene, and share the gospel message. Our work is actively focused on key program areas, including Chibombo, Central Province, and Chipata in Eastern Province.




Our work

Living Water International Zambia takes pride in its role as a transformative catalyst. Our mission revolves around mobilizing communities, local governments, and churches for both physical and spiritual transformation. We accomplish this by enhancing access to sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services while sharing the powerful message of Jesus Christ. Our dedicated team operates in Chibombo, Central Province, and Chipata in Eastern Province, where we collaborate closely with local churches and authorities. Despite our size, we host the largest WPA project under Living Water in Africa, exemplifying our expertise in delivering WASH services. With a holistic approach and a focus on long-term relationships, we contribute significantly to SDG 6 Vision 2030, impacting lives through clean water, sanitation, and the gospel.

19 million



Lack access to safe water


Lack access to improved sanitation
Living Water Zambia acknowledges that access to safe water is the cornerstone of improved well-being. We address the water crisis through targeted efforts in areas with demand and feasible technologies. We collaborate with local governments and churches to identify communities in need of WASH services and deploy technologies such as boreholes and spring protection. Our sustainability approach is comprehensive, involving community engagement, training, and ongoing support. We don’t stop at construction; we train community water committees in operations and maintenance to ensure the sustainability of water sources. With partnerships, community involvement, and established Memorandums of Understanding, we ensure that every water point serves as a lasting symbol of hope and resilience.
At Living Water Zambia, we recognize that clean water alone isn’t sufficient to drive health improvements. Our strategy integrates hygiene and sanitation promotion into communities and schools. We empower health workers and officers with tools and approaches like Community Led Total Sanitation and Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation. School hygiene and sanitation programs, including initiatives like School Led Total Sanitation, foster behaviors that enhance personal and community well-being. Our focus on handwashing, latrine use, and personal hygiene drives lasting change, creating healthier communities for generations to come.
Central to our mission is our engagement with local churches, leveraging WASH services as a platform for gospel proclamation. Guided by faith, we collaborate with church leadership to enhance their capacity to demonstrate God’s love through safe water initiatives. Our powerful approach involves contextual Bible storying, training pastors, and church leaders in an integral mission that nurtures relationships, builds community visions, and fosters deeper connections with the gospel. Through strategic activities, such as film presentations, discipleship, Bible storying training, and church mobilization, we share the message of hope, love, and transformation.
At Living Water Zambia, our work transcends mere physical impact. Every water point becomes a conduit for sharing the gospel, fostering connections, and sowing seeds of faith. Through activities like the JESUS Film, discipleship efforts, Bible storying training, and church mobilization, we intertwine the spiritual with the physical, addressing both immediate needs and deeper spiritual yearnings. Through these initiatives, we’ve achieved 725 church mobilization events, engaging communities and churches to spread the message of love and salvation.


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Long-Term Goal / Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: to facilitate physical and spiritual transformation through the provision of sustainable WASH services and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to make a lasting impact, not only improving access to clean water and sanitation but also enriching lives through the timeless message of hope. With unwavering dedication, Living Water International Zambia continues to transition, grow, and extend its reach to areas where transformation is most needed. Chirundu, Chibombo, and Chipata stand as testaments to our commitment, and we remain steadfast in our pursuit of universal access to safe water and the life-changing power of the gospel.

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