Pursuing the physical, spiritual, and social flourishing of all people who lack safe water.

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua, a Central American nation, is geographically diverse, comprising 15 departments, two autonomous Caribbean regions, and 153 municipalities. The population of 6,465,153 people is spread across urban and rural areas, with the Pacific region being the most urbanized. However, access to clean water and sanitation remains a challenge, especially in marginalized regions.


Our work

Living Water International’s journey in Nicaragua began in 2004, focusing on providing communities with safe water. We employ various methods, including borehole drilling, rehabilitation of water points, and constructing and improving water systems. Our efforts primarily benefit communities in Masaya, Granada, Rivas, León, and Chinandega. In 2015, we initiated the country’s first WASH Program Area (WPA) in Tola, Rivas, followed by another in Somotillo, Chinandega, in 2021.

Living Water Nicaragua boasts extensive experience in the WASH sector and a dedicated team who view their work as a mission rather than a job. We’ve also established a unique stainless steel piping system for hand pumps, ensuring water quality and operational efficiency. Beyond infrastructure, we empower communities to take charge of their water points through operation and maintenance programs, aligned with Nicaraguan regulations. We emphasize collaboration with local authorities, churches, and partners for holistic community development.

6.6 million



Lack access to safe water


Lack access to improved sanitation
Our commitment to safe water access is unwavering. We provide communities with drilled wells, rehabilitate existing water points, and build or upgrade water systems. Volunteers from the United States actively participate in our efforts through Living Water Trips, working alongside our national staff. We’re currently preparing to welcome volunteers for our new trips to Somotillo’s WPA. Additionally, we explore alternative water solutions, ensuring community involvement in decision-making and project sustainability. We understand that each community’s needs vary, requiring tailored solutions, whether it’s a hand-dug well with a rope pump or a larger-scale system.
Living Water Nicaragua actively engages local churches in hygiene and sanitation promotion through church-based care groups. These groups involve church and community members in promoting hygiene practices across the community. The process includes meeting with community leaders, conducting baseline surveys, and training volunteers in a hygiene curriculum. Volunteers, in turn, work with households, teaching them hygiene lessons over several months. To support this initiative, hygiene promotion sessions are conducted at new well sites during construction or rehabilitation, covering essential topics such as handwashing and germ prevention.
The involvement of local churches is pivotal in driving meaningful and sustainable change in communities. Living Water Nicaragua collaborates closely with local churches, aiming to be a catalyst for transformation. We walk alongside churches, co-laboring in the holistic Wash Program Area (WPA) under the Flourish Model. We foster alliances with various Christian associations and denominations, strengthening local churches in their mission. During well dedications and interactions with community members, the gospel of Jesus Christ is shared through Bible stories and personal conversations. We also distribute Spanish Bibles to adults within the communities we serve.
At Living Water Nicaragua, we believe in addressing not only the physical needs of communities but also their spiritual well-being. Through Bible stories, personal conversations, and partnerships with local churches and pastors, we share the gospel of Jesus Christ during well dedications and community interactions. Whenever possible, we distribute Spanish Bibles to adults within the communities we serve. We recognize that true transformation is holistic, encompassing both the physical and spiritual aspects of people’s lives, and we are committed to being messengers of hope and faith in the communities we work with. Our goal is to bring living water, both physically and spiritually, to those we serve.

Sadoc Aguilar

Country Director

Long-Term Goal / Vision

Living Water Nicaragua envisions itself as a leading and recognized NGO in the WASH sector, improving the well-being of community members through holistic and sustainable WASH services. We empower and mobilize the church and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Currently, our focus is on the municipality of Somotillo, where communities face challenges due to prolonged droughts. Our goal is to enhance the physical, spiritual, and social well-being of 33,509 people across 36 rural and peri-urban communities. We aim to achieve this through outcomes such as Resilient Communities, Increased WASH services, Improved WASH Practices, and Thriving Churches in the period of FY2021 – FY2025.

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