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Pursuing the physical, spiritual, and social flourishing of all people who lack safe water.

About Kenya

Welcome to Kenya, the vibrant heart of Eastern Africa! Covering 580,367 square kilometers of diverse landscapes, Kenya is a country of contrasts, from the snow-capped peaks of majestic mountains to the sun-kissed shores of the Indian Ocean. With a population of over 47.6 million, our nation is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. Nairobi, our bustling capital, is a hub of innovation and commerce, while Mombasa beckons with its historical charm. As a presidential representative democratic republic, our dynamic nation is driven by agriculture, with tea, coffee, and fresh flowers as key exports, complemented by a thriving service industry and a warm welcome to visitors from around the world.




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Our work

Born from a vision of transformation, Living Water International found its roots in Kenya in 1990. Witnessing the urgent need for safe water, our founders were moved by the potential to change lives. Today, Living Water Service Centre (LWSC) stands as Kenya’s beacon of hope, headquartered in Nairobi. Our mission encompasses safe water access, sanitation, hygiene, and meaningful church and community engagement. Guided by the “WASH Program Area” philosophy, we focus on comprehensive WASH services in defined regions for 3-5 years, making a tangible impact. With 1,300 projects across the country, LWSC is not only a leader in water provision but also a driving force behind holistic community development.

53.7 million



Lack access to safe water


Lack access to improved sanitation
At Living Water Service Centre, our commitment to safe water access is unwavering. We dig deep to construct new water points, revitalize broken ones, and enhance existing facilities. By employing innovative techniques like borehole drilling, spring protection, and solar-powered systems, we ensure water reaches even the most remote corners. With partnerships that span churches, governments, and organizations, our impact resonates with over 330,000 lives. Through specialized equipment and community engagement, we not only deliver clean water but empower sustainable futures.
Health is at the core of our efforts. Living Water Service Centre champions hygiene and sanitation through community-driven initiatives. Our approach is comprehensive, embracing participatory transformation, community-led action, traditional wisdom, and targeted programs. From Children’s Hygiene and Sanitation Training to Menstrual Health and Hygiene advocacy, we’re driving lasting behavioral change. Amid challenges like COVID-19, we’ve taken the lead in promoting infection prevention. By partnering with local schools and communities, we’re forging a path to healthier lives.
Churches are the heart of our mission. Living Water Service Centre collaborates with local churches, uniting communities in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Guided by our Flourish model, we equip churches to drive action in WASH programs, aligned with the integral mission of the Church. From envisioning and equipping to coordinated planning and collective action, we’ve witnessed the transformational power of the local church. Our partnerships have sparked unity and progress across Kenya, with over 70 churches and 110 institutions joining hands for community development.
Our work is more than practical solutions; it’s an embodiment of the Gospel. Living Water Service Centre is dedicated to proclaiming the message of hope and transformation. Through our Flourish model, we empower churches to engage with communities on WASH and spiritual growth. By facilitating church-community coordination, we’ve reached overlooked and excluded populations with sustainable solutions. Our approach has not only brought water but also the Word to countless lives, fostering unity, and fostering a brighter future.

Daniel Githanji

Country Director

Long-Term Goal / Vision

Living Water International’s vision is crystallized in our strategic plan, Overflow 25. As we journey through 2022-2025, our focus areas remain steadfast. We are committed to co-laboring with the global Church, demonstrating and proclaiming the Gospel. Our goal is to implement holistic WASH programs, ensuring no one is left behind. We strive to deepen the bond between supporters and communities, fostering relational experiences. And in our pursuit of innovation and resilience, we seek to grow mission-aligned private funding. Together, we’re on a mission to create lasting transformation and embrace a future of flourishing possibilities.

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