"Our actions, no matter how small or large, impact the lives of others, proving that our Creator's plans are far greater than any power in the universe."

For this month's CONNECTION:

Due to the volatile environment of certain countries in which Living Water International operates, the names of all relevant individuals and locations mentioned within this story have been changed or omitted to protect their anonymity and confidentiality. While artistic license has been taken, the events in this audio reading are based on a real story of impact depicted by Living Water colleagues. Please be advised that this story portrays actual events that some listeners may find triggering, including depression and self-harm.

Here’s an update from a Living Water colleague in South Asia on where Pastor Kanish and his ministry is today:

“Pastor Kanish invited the Living Water team to conduct a hygiene and sanitation workshop in his community shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. While there, we discussed the need to expand on their single handpump during our visit to help maintain social distancing and reduce wait time for water, significantly increasing the entire community’s water services.

Soon after, we converted the existing simple water system to a piped water system, including a submersible motor, syntax tank, and taps stationed at a 1-meter distance. Having multiple water points has helped community members maintain social distancing and collect water without waiting in long lines. Easier access to water has improved residents’ opportunity to practice proper hygiene. These initiatives have helped change their attitude towards sanitation, which is critical while the COVID-19 virus still spreads across the region.

Pastor Kanish continues to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is currently ministering in six surrounding communities where Living Water local teams are also working to provide water sources. Together, we’ve been conducting COVID-19 awareness programs and health campaigns through the connections that Pastor Kanish has developed.

Even amid the pandemic, Pastor Kanish is carrying out his ministry work, a testament to how God uses him to reach out to the unreached.”

– Living Water colleague, South Asia




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