Teresita’s Story

A Legacy Rewritten by Safe Water

For this month's CONNECTION:

In the heart of a tight-knit community, there’s a story unfolding that’s all about resilience and the incredible power of clean water.

It all started when Teresita met her future husband at 19, with music weaving their love story. But there was a shadow over this community—sugarcane fields and a tainted river brought kidney disease into their lives, claiming far too many. The painful memories of loss were constant, and they desperately needed a change. Thankfully, a new well became their lifeline, offering a fresh start. Today, the story’s different. New generations grow up without the fear of contaminated water. Together with communities like Teresita’s, Living Water International is dedicated to this journey, rewriting stories of health and hope that leave a lasting legacy.

See the continuation of Teresita’s story by watching her video below.



Short Film: The Future Now

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