You shall have given me life.

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Water, water, water.

Before they had access to safe water, the Dr. Aloo Gumbi Secondary School near Kisumu, Kenya, struggled to provide the type of environment in which the students could thrive. Lawrence Machuka, the school’s principal, shares their story.

Let it drop in dry hearts.

“Before Living Water came, this was a very sad place. Because of the dirty water, kids missed school and delayed lessons. Each day, 10-15 kids would go to the hospital because of water-related illnesses.

Clean, you can imagine it is a dream.

Treatment for these diseases is expensive. Sometimes I’d be woken up at night by my students and their families asking me for funds to help them.

You have given me water; you have given me life.

We now have school farms and a garden for the students which is green and plentiful. Our school has vegetables and enough water for our cows and sheep to drink. The level of hygiene has increased. Look around, and everything is so clean!

The diseases are no more with us.

We run our programs without loss of time, and the lessons go on without interruption. Because the school’s well provides water for the entire community, it has improved our relationships, and the community supports the school in new ways.

Let it brighten your future.

Our enrollment has even gone up! We’re now using the water to construct latrines to improve sanitation. The school sells water to the community from a water kiosk. We use the money to repair and sustain the water system and pay for our electricity.

Let the poor drink rich.

The spiritual nourishment we receive cannot be overemphasized. Every time I drink water, I give thanks for water in Jesus’ name.”

Give me water, and you shall have shown me love.

Watch a video performance featuring students of the Dr. Aloo Gumbi Secondary School.

Give Me Water
Written by: Dennis Otieno

Edited by: Hellen Obuletzah, Emmaculak Akinyi

Performed by: Sarah Nyangare Owiti, Sharon Awuor Owino, Mary Atieno Odhiambo  


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Framoese Village, Ghana

For some, their long walks for water are over. For others, their long walks for water will never have to begin.


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