For some, their long walks for water are over. For others, their long walks for water will never have to begin.

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The people living in Framoese Village, Ghana, suffered for decades from the water crisis.
Years of pleading with their local government failed time and time again to bring aid to their community.
Young girls, like 13-year-old Mary, would wake up around 4:30 a.m. to begin their long, four-mile walk for water.
Water that looks like this – contaminated with parasites that cause diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.
Though unsafe, it was the only water they had. Until summer arrived and the dry season came, and women and girls like Mary found themselves without any water at all.
Today, Mary’s walk looks quite different.
Today, Mary walks two minutes rather than four miles to collect water for her family.
With water so close to her home, she no longer has frequent back and neck pain from hauling gallons of water for long distances.
Mary’s water now looks like this – clean and safe to drink.
All the men, women, and children of Framoese Village now have access to safe water.
Which, for some, has been an answer to a desperate prayer they’ve been praying for decades.
With safe water nearby, Mary can now collect ten times the amount of water in less time than she used to.
Leaving more time for helping with other chores around her home.
Safe water ensures her home and everyone in it stay clean.
From the water they use to wash fruits and vegetables,
to the water used in preparing meals for her family,
and after, when cleaning dishes.
And just as importantly, safe water is now available to regularly wash their hands to stay healthy.
Their previous unsafe water source from the pond used to stain Mary’s laundry with dirt and other debris,
forcing her to spend more time cleaning clothes.
Now, this household chore is safer and faster than ever!
With chores done, Mary can now focus on her schoolwork, be with friends, and enjoy being a 13-year-old girl, unburdened by the water crisis!
Mary isn’t the only one in Framoese Village who celebrates the gift of safe water.
Children now have more energy for playing, learning, and simply being kids!
While some give praise for the fact that their long walks for water are over,
Others give praise that some long walks for water will never have to begin.



Living Water’s friend, Mo Sadjadpour, photographer, and storyteller, sat down with Mary and the Living Water Ghana team. Mary expressed her joy and happiness for the new safe water source through a song.


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Pastor David

Following God’s call, Pastor David built a church right in the middle of a Muslim community in Sierra Leone. After years of the gospel message falling on hardened hearts, his ministry suddenly took a miraculous turn through the power of safe water.


Mary sang, “Thank you, God, thank you, God because you are good and merciful. Thank you, God.” Help young girls, like Mary, around the world sing a similar song by providing safe water access, sanitation and hygiene, and the experience of God’s love. Join our Every Drop monthly giving community to transform more communities like Framoese Village today!


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