Ending the water crisis through the global Christian community

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Eighty-four percent of the world’s population identifies with a faith tradition. In most places, people view faith leaders as the most trusted leaders in a community. In the 17 countries where we work, we’ve seen local church leaders advocate for their community’s economic, social, and physical development when they partner with us in WASH (water access, sanitation, and hygiene) activities. We come alongside communities, linking arms as the body of Christ and mobilizing them to overcome challenges, knowing that God has not called them to face the water crisis alone.

Through our collective efforts, communities begin to flourish physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When people see improvements in their health, education, economies, and safety, and this work is carried out through people of faith, the Church is revealed as a leader focused on sharing God’s love by caring for our neighbors in need. Churches begin to see more discipleship opportunities, their congregations grow, and more thirsty people are led to the gospel!

Together, the global Christian community is bringing love and justice to our most vulnerable neighbors and ending our world’s water crisis.

Watch a video from Uganda as local faith leaders share their experience of how their church and community have flourished through safe water and the living water of Christ.


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Integral Mission Part 2

Proclaiming God’s love through the gospel. Demonstrating God’s love because of the gospel.


Churches around the world become beacons of hope for their communities when they have a leading role in bringing safe water to their neighbors. By joining our monthly giving program, your gift will directly support the partnerships of faith leaders and Living Water in-country teams as we provide water, for life, in Jesus’ name together.


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