Empowering Women in the Global Water Crisis

For this month's CONNECTION:

In communities across the globe, the water crisis weighs heavily on the shoulders of women and girls, permeating every aspect of their lives. One such individual is Jasmine, a 24-year-old woman residing in South Asia.

Jasmine’s story reflects the challenges faced by countless women and girls worldwide. From early childhood, they endure perilous journeys to fetch water for their families. Hazardous terrains and wildlife threats put them at risk of attacks, injuries, or worse. The water they find—rife with contaminants and insects—is their only option. Laden with heavy containers, they return exhausted, sacrificing school and childhood. Sadly, this unsafe water breeds diseases and compounds their struggles.

As women, the water crisis persists, hindering their freedom and time. Jasmine, responsible for her family’s care, faces insurmountable challenges with limited access to water. Uncertainty surrounds the sporadic water taps, denying many families their needs. Jasmine resorts to unsafe sources, watching her children fall sick.

Tragically, the unsafe water they tirelessly collect further complicates their lives. Drinking this contaminated water exposes them and their families to diseases like typhoid or cholera, leading to more missed school days and mounting health concerns.

But we can address this injustice. Safe water empowers women like Jasmine, removing the need for dangerous journeys. With accessible water, they can pursue education, start businesses, and champion their communities’ health. Together, we can free women from the water crisis, unleashing their potential and building a brighter future.

See the continuation of Jasmine’s story by watching her video below.





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