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Our community of world-changers has made an enormous impact on the lives of over 7 million people worldwide. For over 30 years, you’ve shared your heart by gifting safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and the gospel’s message which is the ultimate expression of love!

But this Valentine’s Day, you can share your heart in a new way! Send a message to our neighbors around the world who have experienced the impact of your love firsthand by sending them a digital, customizable Valentine’s Day card.

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Gweth Community, Kenya

“There was a time when we had a great dispute over water because there was so little, and people did not want everyone to access it. They claimed it was theirs and they were the only ones who had rights to use it. Because of this, we had to go to the river to fetch our water. But now, water is plentiful and we have no problem accessing it. As a result, this new water source has increased unity in our community!”

La Ceibita Community, Nicaragua

"We had to get up at three in the morning for our walk for water. The only well we had in our area dried up in the summer, so we had to go even farther. The women were in great danger walking three kilometers on those muddy roads. Sometimes we fell down. Our backs often hurt. But now, by the grace of God, we have water in our new well close by. We feel very blessed. We now have plenty of safe water!”

Bhoraj Community, South Asia

"The new water source is going to be very beneficial for the community, especially the women and children. We no longer have to go to distant places in search of water, nor depend on other communities. Our health conditions have improved as we drink safe water without any limits. We will be free to have a daily bath without having to worry about having enough water for all our other needs.”

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