Haiti Through the Eyes of Jesus

By: Leslie W.

November 16, 2018

7 days in Haiti. At first, I saw devastation. Trash lined the beaches and streets. Sad faces. Hopeless faces. Beat-up roads with chaotic traffic. Too many people in one small city. Desperation. Building not fit to walk into. A community of people that was unhappy and lacked hope.

But then we were challenged. We were challenged to look past the trash and the poverty to ask God what He really wants us to see. What could I possibly see differently? But I prayed. I prayed to Jesus in it all. I asked him to show me that he is there. I prayed for his eyes and to see with my heart.

The Lord started showing me his perspective. Every morning there was the most beautiful sunrise - a custom "painted" one each day! The hotel worker greeted me with, "Good morning, sister" every day. The mountains were majestic, and the beach was beautiful. The smiles melted my heart.

So I left Haiti seeing differently than I did when I arrived. I wasn't sure it was possible, but when you ask in faith, God answers. I saw through the eyes of Jesus. And, oh, what beauty there is when you see with his eyes!


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