Rooted tree



When our roots are strong—as individuals and as the Body of Christ—our world will flourish!

On March 22, we celebrated World Water Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness for the crucial need for safe water and sanitation across the world.

But, our work is not done.

We’re taking action throughout the month of March to demonstrate Christ’s love and end the global water crisis. And because water affects an entire system, determining if it will flourish or wither, we need everyone rooted as one. This means you!

771 million people still thirst for safe water, and millions more go unreached with the experience of God’s love. People suffer daily in the 17 countries we work in across Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and South Asia. Somewhere within these unreached communities, a child will stay home from yet another school day because they are too sick from drinking unsafe water, a woman will have her future stolen from her as she’s assaulted during her long walk for water, a family will be forced to sell their livestock and only source of income because water is too scarce, and a church will close its doors because the gospel is unable to reach dry hearts.

But through our connected roots, we can produce fruit in ways we never imagined!

The vitality of our mission flows through our global networks of regional staff, local government agencies, partner organizations, community leaders, local churches, and supporters like you are vital to our root system. 

Your support does not merely reduce suffering: it also brings joy and life to entire regions! Together we can quench more thirst, help more churches thrive, heal the sick, empower more women and children, and unite more people through Christ’s love.

The foundations that our work is planted on are strong! Rooted in Christ’s love, our world will flourish!

Will you take root with us this World Water Day?

Together, we will bring an end to the global water crisis!