Collect shoes. Provide clean water. Change Lives.
Join ShoeCrew Water Projects

What are ShoeCrew water projects?

Donate your new or gently used shoes to help bring safe water to the thirsty.

How do shoes provide clean water?

When groups collect shoes through shoe drives, our partner- ShoeCrew Water Projects- works with exporters who purchase the shoes in bulk. This creates funds to support water projects through Living Water.

Reuse with a purpose

Did you know it takes 40 years for shoes to decompose in your local landfill? For every 8 pairs of shoes you collect, you provide one person with safe water for an entire year- all with the shoes that would have gone to the landfills.

Collect shoes. Provide clean water. Change Lives.

How can you get involved?

This is a great project for your church, youth group, school or workplace.

  1. Contact ShoeCrew Water Projects at and let them know you're interested in gathering more information or that you're ready to get started. They will provide all the materials and coaching you will need for a successful shoe drive.
  2. Establish your collection dates
  3. Find a box
  4. Download the collection poster
  5. Spread the word!

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