Field Notes

Pastor Moses, From Cult to Clean Water

by: Meredith Maines
November 11, 2014

Pastor Moses Chinyama was raised in a cult, a devoted disciple. When he finally escaped its clutches and became a believer, he felt called to lead others out of the same bondage he experienced in childhood. Clean water, offered at local churches like his, is one way Moses can reach them.

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“[In the Old Testament] Moses was the deliverer of Israel out of Egypt, out of bondage,” he explained. "Now knowing Jesus Christ, I feel the call of God on my life to be used by God to take people out of bondage into freedom."

This bondage is spiritual and physical. The White Garment Church, the cult of Moses’ family, doesn’t believe in doctors. Among its adherents, the infant mortality rate is head and shoulders above the rest of the country. Not only because parents don’t seek treatment when their children contract waterborne diseases, but also because women are forced to give birth at home without any aid, even when their safety is compromised. The group also resists organized education, so there are few opportunities to instill life-saving hygiene and sanitation lessons in its ranks.

The work we do through local churches in Overspill, Zimbabwe, ministers to both body and spirit. It can help dispel the spiritual darkness of the White Garment Church. And because of Moses’ personal testimony, he’s the perfect messenger.

Before Moses became a pastor, he was the favorite of his parents’ eight children. He showed promise to become a cult leader. But when he finally decided to attend church with a friend, his father lashed out, denying him food, shelter, and even beating him in an attempt to bring his son back into the cult. Moses has made peace with his family, but still hopes they will one day experience the living water of Jesus Christ.

Pray with us for those still trapped in Zimbabwe’s cults. And please donate to help us partner with other local pastors like Moses who will welcome more people into the Body of Christ!



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