Field Notes

Clean Water Ministers to Zimbabwe’s Orphans

by: Meredith Maines
November 10, 2014

In Overspill, Zimbabwe, clean water amplifies the ways Pastor Joshua’s church already ministers to its community—like taking care of 50 orphans. Himself an orphan, Joshua rallied his congregation to the aid of the neighborhood’s parentless children. His philosophy: kids should remain in their own community rather than be uprooted in an orphanage. But he knew Overspill would need safe water to keep these vulnerable children healthy.


When Living Water International drilled a borehole at Joshua’s church last year, clean water became one less thing his congregation had to worry about providing. Still, these believers sacrificed to offer extra meals and gently used clothing for kids of all sizes. But without fear of waterborne disease, no one had to worry where health care costs would come from. And with children learning life-saving hygiene and sanitation lessons during Sunday school, Overspill is confident its population will stay disease-free for generations to come.

Ropa Fadzo is one of the 50 orphans cared for by Pastor Joshua’s church. When our team chose her as the focus of a video, silent tears rolled down her cheeks. Joshua said that as orphans, some feel they’re not good enough—for God or for a better life. She couldn’t believe we would honor her.

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We wiped away our own tears with gratitude for supporters like you. The clean water you help local churches like Joshua’s offer their communities not only restores health; it also ultimately helps to restore a sense of worth for orphans like Ropa Fadzo by empowering those who minister to her, both body and spirit.

Learn more about how clean water is transforming Overspill. Then please donate to help us reach more children like Ropa Fadzo.



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