Field Notes

Advent: Worship Through Pain

by: Meredith Maines
December 10, 2012

Luc Louis has shepherded his Haitian congregation through the pain of natural disasters, of living without water, and even the pain of losing a child—his own.

When Haiti was hit by an earthquake in 2010, Pastor Luc’s 24-year-old firstborn son couldn’t escape before the building came down.

“As human beings, we hurt a lot, but we know for sure he is with the Lord,” Luc said. “Since the time God gave me a son, I said to God, ‘I give him to you.’”

Luc is a miracle. He worships fully, even in the midst of deep pain, and he continues to bless others. He’s even recorded a blessing for you in the video above.

“Maybe American people have a lot of money to help other countries around the world when they get a problem,” Luc said, “but I will tell you something much more important than money—we are praying for you.”

Christmas is a time to put Jesus at the center, despite the trappings of crazy consumerism or painful circumstances. See what it would mean to immerse yourself fully in worship.