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PRAYER REQUEST: An Update from Sierra Leone

by: Sara Banks
September 11, 2014

Our Operations Director in Sierra Leone, Rosemarie Blake, gave us this heartfelt prayer request. Please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in this country and the rest of West Africa whose lives are greatly affected by this Ebola crisis. 


"Every day my heart bleeds as I come in contact with heartbreaking stories of Ebola, the deadly virus that is putting a knife between that which once held us together. If not the story of children orphaned by Ebola and stigmatized by friends and close relations, it will be pensioners turned widowers, or housewives becoming widows and childless overnight, quarantined homes not getting the needed supplies, friends and family members hiding from each other in the streets to avoid possible unconscious handshakes, unaffordable cost of living, abandoned and condemned Ebola victimsthe list goes on. Join me in continually praying for Sierra Leonefor caregivers, health workers, NGOs and INGOs like Living Water International Sierra Leone complementing the government's efforts to eradicate the disease."


Published September 12, 2014