Why Biblical Storytelling is Powerful

by: Meredith Maines
June 24, 2013

We're all seekers, searching. If you were to boil down humanity's most common theological questions, you'd probably end up with some combination of these five:

Who Is God?

Who Are We?

Why Do We Exist?

What Do We Control?

How Should We Live?

The answers to these massive, existential questions are sometimes most simply found in stories.

God is a master storyteller—we see his plot progress throughout every page of scripture. But what happens to oral learners? Should they be denied access to the spiritual truths found in the written word?

In the oral cultures where we serve, we believe in sharing these biblical accounts—viewed as creative expressions of God's character—as a natural way to extend an invitation into living water, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This focus on oral storytelling—known around the world as Orality—is one facet of our Christian Witness strategy. Watch the short video above for an introduction to our storytelling efforts. 

Learn more about how we engage the thirsty in spiritual discussions, and how you can hone your biblical-storytelling skills at our next Houston-based Orality Workshop, July 27. Get event details at


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