A Taste of What Heaven Will Be Like

By: Jan Molnar

April 24, 2014

It all started when ... I wanted to experience the joy of making a difference and being a blessing for those in need in a third world country. I also wanted to encourage my oldest son to get involved in missions. When our church formed a group, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart that this was the perfect opportunity for us to do a mother/son trip since both our professions compliment the work we would be doing. I had no idea then that the people of Haiti would be the ones making a bigger difference and being a blessing in my life!

I enjoyed getting to know ... everyone on the team-- from our church as well as the talented and dedicated Haitian people who work for LWI. I also enjoyed getting to know the gracious, hard working, beautiful people of the village.

Things that challenged and changed me ... I witnessed firsthand the deep and abiding love for the Lord the Haitian Christians have. It made me realize a new definition of what is wealth and what is poverty. Despite having so little these strong and resilient people are rich in their dependency on the Lord, and in contrast, many ways our American "afluenza" can lead to poverty of the soul as we depend on our things rather than Him.

I will never forget ... Monday morning, before heading off to the work site for the first time, we all gathered in the living room of our guest house, introduced ourselves, and had devotions. The pastor gave a message (with an interpreter) and read from Psalm 46. We sang from hymnals in French and Creole and although we didn't understand the words, the melody of the songs was familiar so we were able to sing along in English. We also prayed that the work would be successful and that it would be done in Jesus precious name. As I looked around at our group mingled with the nationals, all worshipping and then praying together, I was deeply moved by the thought that this is just a taste of what heaven will be like .. as people from every nation, tribe, people and language will be gathering around the throne to worship (Rev. 7:9). It was only one of many highlights and moving experiences of this amazing, life-changing trip.

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