My Trip to Guatemala

By: Bill K.

December 7, 2018

What led you to sign up?

This was my second Living Water Trip, but my first time to Guatemala.  Wow!  What a beautiful place! 


I enjoyed getting to know...

Getting to know the four others from our church was a blessing!  We got along so well and none of us will ever forget this trip.  Being the hands and feet of Jesus changes us - it just does!  Our in-country team was the best, and they shared their heart with us!


Things that challenged and changed me...

There is an uncomfortableness that comes with making a trip like this.  I'm 66 years old, and I am used to a certain rhythm in my life.  I like my coffee a certain way, and sleep fairly well in my own bed.  In my home I can pretty much use the bathroom any time I want.  It's just my wife and I living together.  Having new roommates and sharing a single bathroom, unfamiliar snoring, rough roads, the language barrier - so many things that challenge everyone to be patient and loving.  These are all good reminders of how blessed we are here at home in the USA.


I will never forget...

I will never forget the feeling I had when the well first started to produce water!  It was clear that this community will benefit from their new source of water for many years to come.  And the fact that the well is located in front of a church gives me great hope that the living water of Jesus will also pour out to the thirsty!


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