We Are Family

By: Jennifer L.

October 10, 2018

It all started when...

My son invited myself and his siblings to go on a mission trip.  I jumped at the opportunity to spend time serving with my son, who has gone on four mission trips with Living Water.  My daughter, who is in high school, was able to join us and went on her first mission trip.


I enjoyed getting to know...

Every person we met!  Our team was a smorgasbord of individuals from different states, churches, and connections to other people on the team.  The Living Water staff was kind, hilarious, patient, and grace-filled.  The countless hours they put in serving is amazing!  I really enjoyed getting to know different people on the team from Texas that was staying at the same compound as us.  They shared their devotions and conversations at meal time with us.


Things that challenged and changed me...

One of the things I prayed for on this trip before I left was to serve in areas outside my comfort zone.  As a teacher, I initially thought I would serve on the hygiene team, but the opportunity to serve with my son on the drilling team and do something I had never done before changed my direction.  I was able to work with three men and one woman on our team.  What a group of people that shine for God!  While collecting rock samples, greasing and lifting pipes, and running a drill rig are not things I would purposely choose to do, it was humbling and rewarding to get muddy and see the progress we made each day.  One of the days, I felt led to serve on the hygiene team.  It was a day that we washed the feet of the women in the community and they showed us of to make baleadas (a traditional Honduran dish).  This was out of my comfort zone as I usually set off the smoke detector when I cook, and I am not a fan of feet.  The eyes of the women who showed us how to cook spoke to my heart.  Sharing laughter at my clumsy attempts to make a tortilla, and listening to the care they put into preparing the meal were invaluable insights into the generosity and dedication these women had for their families.


I will never forget...

Washing the feet of the women of the community as I prayed out loud over them.  It was the most tender and empowering moment of the mission trip for me.  Several older women of the community embraced me in a warm hug after I washed their feet.  I didn't understand what they were saying to me as they tenderly held my face in their hands, but I did feel the presence of God surround us, and that was everything.


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