The Year I Did Not Almost Lose My Finger

By: Jason N.

July 27, 2018

I was an associate at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and was invited by our Pastor of Missions to go on a trip in May of 2015. I said yes and that trip is now known as "the year Jason almost lost his finger." See, in the first 5 minutes of the first day at the drill site, I hopped on top of the truck (forgot about safety first), untied the stack of 10 ft pipes, and began sliding them off the truck rack. Well, I underestimated the weight of those suckers, or underestimated my strength (or maybe a little of both), so the pipe fell off the truck and on the way down crushed my finger between the top of the truck rack and the the pipe. I've never felt so much pain before in my life. Blood was everywhere. The bone was exposed. I passed out! I had to go to the hospital--very traumatic (but the medicine they gave me was lovely). That trip I wasn't able to operate the drill but I did work with the hygiene team. I was able to share the love and message of Jesus with over 400 children. Wow! What an experience. So last week I went back to Guatemala for redemption! Not really. Seriously, I went back because I believe in the mission to share the gospel and to give people "water, for life, in Jesus name!"

I enjoyed getting to know the team from the US, the team in Guatemala, and the entire community with Masagua. But I especially enjoyed befriending a pair of brothers, ages 5 and 6. They were the first to greet us every day and the last to bid us farewell. The two of them and I connected right away. I don't know much Spanish, but I knew how to give a high five and kick a soccer ball. So, our relationship grew from there.

I have never experienced the depths of poverty that I did on this trip. The people had so little, including clean water; and yet, they had so much. They community was content in many ways. The children were carefree and happy. The people were at peace. I was reminded that most of the 'stuff' of this world is unimportant. The real things that matter are the things necessary for life, like water and the love of Christ!

I will never forget the first moment a precious 11-year-old boy from the community took his first drink of water. The expression of joy and surprise on his face was priceless! I will also never forget watching one young man open up his very own Bible for the first time!


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