Live to Give, Give to Live

By: James G.

June 1, 2018

It all started when I saw others in my company go to Guatemala. I received a message intended for the volunteers by accident. But I asked to be part of the next trip... and then I went!

I enjoyed getting to know the other members of my team, and the members of the Living Water staff.

What really impacted me was the first part of the Good Samaritan story: "who is my neighbor?" Jesus tells us, "do this and live." It's so important to love God and our neighbor, or "live to give, give to live."

Communication was sometimes difficult and misconceptions needed to be clarified. What we saw vs. what we understood needed to be addressed so that the team worked as a unit and information was passed out to all the members of the team. I was changed by seeing a need for clean water and I feel challenged to serve locally with other non-profits in the US. Seeing genuine smiles of love and joy was wonderful.

I will never forget meeting the drillers, and seeing people struggle with anxiety after learning about gangs in the area and how they were affecting their lives and families.

El Salvador

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