Transformation of a Community's Water Source

By: Calvin B.

June 1, 2018

A group of employees from California Water Service was able to play a small part in the transformation of the water source for the Lirios Del Coronado community, in Genova, Guatemala. Their shallow hand-dug wells had very little water. If a neighbor was in need of water, only a gallon of water could be spared. More often than not, families were forced to fetch water from a river near by. The river was contaminated by activity upstream and was used to wash clothes.

The drilling of a well in the Lirios Del Coronado community was expected to be a challenge given recent drilling experience in the area. However, the lead driller wanted to give it a try. There were also women in the community praying that the Lord would grant them a well. In less than two days a borehole was drilled over 170 feet in depth and clean water was reached. Two days later a hand pump was installed. Before the dedication ceremony, Maria, a 72 year-old Grandmother was able to spend time with the Lord, thanking him for granting an answer to her prayers.


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