Miramar, El Salvador

By: Andrea P.

March 1, 2018

I used to live in El Salvador, working in a different capacity. A friend of mine from church told me of this guy he knows who goes on a trip to El Salvador every year, and invited me to join them. God has laid El Salvador specifically on my heart, and I am so grateful for any and every opportunity to love and serve this tiny country.

I enjoyed getting to know how Living Water works, the people on my team, and the in-country staff! The staff are some of the most gracious, loving, and Jesus-channeling people that I have ever had the joy of meeting.

Watching the in-country staff love with all their being challenged and changed me. Watching them spread the love of Jesus and exude it with such ease was so inspiring, convicting, and challenged me to seek to become more like Him.

I will never forget how a handful of men from our community jumped in to learn how to drill the well (work the machine, etc.) and worked harder than I've ever seen. It was so incredible to see their desire to invest in the project and take ownership!

El Salvador

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