It's More Than Clean Water

By: Karla O.

February 28, 2018

Our pastor invited me to come on this trip, and my first thought was one of fear and hesitation. Then within moments I knew the invitation was from the Lord. I prayed and discussed it with my husband, and I responded "yes" on the same day. I already supported Living Water, but had not considered a trip during this season of my life. But the invitation was divinely timed and I am so grateful I experienced this trip to Rwanda.

Learning about the Rwandan people, history, government, and culture was great. By far, experiencing the Living Water staff and the process of drilling, the sanitation and hygiene, pump repair, and community mobilization was the best! I was blessed by their passion for the mission, and for the people. Seeing them interact with the community was incredible.

I was changed forever witnessing the joy and faith of the staff and the community. I consider them rich in ways that matter. Their worship, prayer, and work glorifies God. I came hoping to show them God's love and encouragement, and found that they showed ME God's love and encouragement!

I will never forget playing with the children, running the drill when anticipating water, worshiping with the church, daily devotions, getting to know our team, experiencing countless answers to prayer, experiencing the Spirit as we prayed for the person next to us, not even knowing their name.


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