I went to Nicaragua

By: Carl P.

February 28, 2018

When I first began to talk to the church about going on a trip, I said I was too old, too weak, and I knew nothing about drilling a water well. But I was told, "that's okay, it's not about the well." The first night in-country, the hygiene coordinator shared her belief that we needed to find a way to involve the men of the community spiritually, in addition to just the physical drilling of our well. Our last day in the community, one of our team members shared the gospel, with the hygiene coordinator interpreting. When he finished, each man on our team spent some time in prayer with a man from the community. As I finished a sweet time with my guy, I looked up to see the team member walking toward me with a big smile on his face and tears on his cheeks. I asked if something was wrong. He said, "see that guy in the white t-shirt? He just prayed to receive Christ." That's when I knew that it was not about the well.


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