The Journey 2017

By: Bernard F.

February 28, 2018

I first went to Honduras in 2011, and was so impacted, that I have organized a team to Nicaragua every year since. This was our sixth trip to Nicaragua. The people of Nicaragua are wonderful! I enjoyed getting to know the people of the community. They were so eager to get to know us, to share in the work, to pray for the work, and to have fun.

Every year is different. We were challenged by the geology that we were drilling through and that it caused us to change drilling methods three times. Yet our faith in God to provide this well was never doubted. We knew God would be faithful to provide and honor this community, and the well would be a blessing.

I will never forget Ronaldo. At the end of one particularly tough day, the site was extremely muddy and my boots were covered with a thick mud. I took the opportunity to use a bucket of water to clean the mud off before leaving the community. Ronaldo came over, stooped down, and cleaned my boots. The story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples immediately came to mind. Ronaldo's act of service was so meaningful to me, and I will never forget it... or him.


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