Can We Love People to Hell?

by: Mark Retzloff
November 10, 2017


In recent years we've seen a push towards social justice and mission work within the Church. With these changes, new questions have arose. Is it the Church's role to move in, get their hands dirty, and focus on social transformation? Or is the Church supposed to proclaim the gospel and then move onto another community in need?


In this episode of The Mission Table, four leaders give their unique perspectives on the state of church mission work. What does it mean for the Church to live out the gospel wholly?



Matthew Ellison, President and Church Missions Coach at Sixteen:Fifteen (

Jonathan Wiles, Vice President for Strategy & Program Development at Living Water International (

Lindsey Hayes, Associate Director at Perspectives Global (

Denny Spitters, Vice President of Church Partnerships at Pioneers USA (


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