Welcome to water.cc/church

by: Mark Retzloff
September 20, 2017

Welcome to water.cc/church. This is where we celebrate the Church here at home, as she serves the Church over there and across the globe. We believe that the Church is God’s primary agent for spiritual and physical transformation everywhere. Here and there.

A local church is both an ambassador for and a sign of God’s kingdom. It’s a body of living witnesses to God’s saving works central to a community’s transformation. That is why Living Water International seeks to serve the Church as it proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ both in word and deed.

Over there, across the globe, Living Water is helping the local church transform its community through WASH. An acronym for water access, sanitation, and hygiene education. WASH helps the Church improve the health, education, and livelihoods of its community members.

As the gospel becomes more visible and relevant, the Church is better able to invite people to follow Jesus.

Living Water is also helping churches here to have a global impact and become even more visible and relevant in our own communities, so that our churches here can thrive.

The stories you experience on this site are your stories- from children changing the world, to new people being drawn to your church’s global impact.

If you have a story of global engagement, we invite you to share it here. Apart from God the greatest resource we have to serve the Church is each other.

Please tell your story and change the world. 


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