Life Transformed Through the Living Water that is Jesus Christ

By: Denise A.

April 19, 2017

It all started when...

New friends of mine talked about their experiences and commitment to LWI and that they were heading on a mission trip to El Salvador in the summer.  We held an evening of praise and Christian comedy to help raise the remaining funds needed for the trip.  I said to my friends, "Next year, I am going with you!"  And then in February, my friend and I were having coffee and conversation.  He said, "March 2017."  I asked, "What about it?" And he said, "That's the date for our mission trip!  Get your passport!"


I enjoyed getting to know...

The LWI staff who were with us for the week, and their hearts for Christ, our team members, the gracious and beautiful people of the community, the mission of LWI, and more about myself.


Things that challenged and changed me...

So many blessings throughout the week as Jesus showed up daily in hospitality, building of relationships in the community, and finding water on Tuesday!  I was amazed how quickly the people took hold of my heart.  By Wednesday I shed tears at the thought of leaving on Friday.  I felt such peace in the week, unlike anything I have felt in a long time.  I was struck by the contrasts and was challenged in thinking, "Who is poor?  What is poverty?"  Here in the USA we have so much and too often we complain about what we don't have.  In El Salvador, the people have so little but see all that they do have and they rejoice.  When we struck water on Tuesday, and the clean water came up from the ground, I was mesmerized! I just kept repeating, "We have water!  Thank you Lord!"  Some kids from the community were watching there at the drill site and squealed with delight.  This community now had clean water, life-changing water, and together in prayer we praised the Lord!  Love needs no translator, for love overcomes language barriers, and is spoken through our actions.  We are all God's family and even though we are miles apart, I think about them every day.


I will never forget...

The hospitality of the community.  The children squealing when the water came shooting up from the ground!  The joy of the people.  The bond of family.  The smiles, the laughs, the hugs.  The power of prayers and the beautiful sound of us all praying together in our own languages, yet being able to feel the joy and love and humble nature in which prayers were being offered to the Lord.  God's presence in every day.  And many, many, many other memories!  The tears and hugs on Friday as we said goodbye.

El Salvador

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