Forever Changed

By: Tina McKenna

April 6, 2017

It all started when...

My employer sponsored a well and I was honored to get to be a part of it!


I enjoyed getting to know...

The culture in El Salvador, the employees of Living Water, and the beautiful people in the community in which we served.


Things that challenged and changed me...

The love that the people in the community shared with us when it seemed that, by our standards, they have nothing.  Yet, they gave everything to us!  It was amazing to get to know the people, and to interact and bond with the children, no matter the language barrier.  The international language is always LOVE, and you can share it, feel it, express it, and experience it everywhere you go without a word.  Love conquers all...


I will never forget...

A specific 8-year-old child's face, who lit up when he smiled, and will always be engraved in my mind.  He taught me love to a degree I've never experienced before meeting him.  We did not speak each other's language, but we tried!  My heart leaps at the thought of his smile!  This trip was SO MUCH MORE than digging a well and providing clean water.  It was more about developing relationships and loving without barriers.


Here's my favorite picture...

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El Salvador

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