So much more than I ever expected!

By: Amy Wylie

March 1, 2017

It all started when...

I signed up to chaperone so my daughter could go.  She has a heart for mission trips but this was the first time out of the USA, so I told her she could go if I went with her.  Little did I know how much it would impact my own heart forever!!!


I enjoyed getting to know...

I fell in love with the people in our village immediately.  They were so kind and welcoming!  They are full of joy even when they have so little.  One woman stood out to me, her name is Dalia.  She is so funny!  I speak very little Spanish, but I could often understand through her body language.  The children were so fun and very affectionate with us.  We loved our time in the village and didn't want to leave, and can't wait to get back!!


Things that changed me...

Obviously it wasn't quite like home.  Black dirt in every nook and cranny, bugs, bats... but seriously, none of that mattered even to an OCD crazy like myself.  Our days in the village forever changed my life!  It gave me perspective and the value of simple joy.  The people of our village had one well, and they dug it themselves.  They could only get water out with the pail when the horse was able to pull it up.  One bucket out took hard work.  They told us stories of how the horse ran away and sometimes they couldn't give their children water even when they were so thirsty.  This just broke my heart!  But also gave me such joy in knowing we left them the greatest gift... a clean well for their families to use for generations to come.


I will never forget...

The adorable dirt-smeared faces!  We played with the children for 5 days and really got to know them all  I miss them terribly as I think of them now.  I'm so thankful my daughter wanted to go because I got to have one of the best weeks of my life!  They will be forever in my heart and prayers!


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