Kenya Trip

By: Nancy Key

December 28, 2016

Wow.  What a marvelous experience we had in Kenya!

I just can't not quite tell you how much we enjoyed the staff with Living Water in Kenya.  They are Kenya's best and brightest.  What gifts they are offering up the people of that country in addition to clean water in Christ's name!  We absolutely loved every one of them.  Watching the villagers soak up every word that was said was fascinating to me.  The staff definitely commanded their attention and respect.  What amazing young people!!  The extent of the hospitality that the staff from Living Water in Kenya displayed to us from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we bid farewell, was amazing as well.  They spoiled us rotten!

The Living Water organization is just wonderful.  I enjoyed seeing how culturally relevant the health and hygiene curriculum was for the people in Kenya.  I participated in that aspect in Guatemala as well, and I enjoyed seeing some of the same activities adjusted and translated into Swahili.  I was fascinated at how the curriculum was relevant in each country and certainly met a critical need for those people.  I also enjoyed interacting in Kenya with the community health volunteers and community health officials as we met with different villages each day.  How amazing to see how the Living Water team can create and implement a curriculum that is so very relevant and vital to each country we visited.  Kudos to you all for that success!

I think and pray for the people I have met every time I drink a cup of hot tea, take a bath, or drink a cup of cold filtered water from my refrigerator...

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