I Went to Bless Others

By: Polly Crabtree

December 28, 2016

It all started when...

What led me to sign up?  I had given to Living Water as a fundraiser with Love God Greatly online Bible Study and felt it was a perfect fit for my husband and I to get involved with.


I enjoyed getting to know...

The staff in El Salvador, and seeing their love for Jesus was inspiring. Sharing time with others from America and bonding as a team was a beautiful opportunity. Spending time immersed in another culture sharing Jesus was priceless.


Things that challenged and changed me...

The language barrier was a challenge until I read the devotional provided by Living Water - Matthew 25:40:  I tell you the truth, when you did this to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me! Doing skits, interacting with crafts and sharing a smile were all just as important as a conversation. Love is a universal language!!


I will never forget...

I will always remember the blessing of the revelation of God's Word as He walked with me through this grand journey. I went to bless others and was abundantly blessed. My cup runneth over!


Here's my favorite picture...

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El Salvador

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